Registration is going through the discord server, you have to join the server, verify your in-game nick, and then create or join your team.

1v1 Rebirth of HoN

Prize pool

Prize pool: 10 000 GC + 250$ + percent of the money from buy-in
 Prize distrubution:
   1st place : 3 500 GC           + 250 $ 
   2nd place : 2 100 GC          + 20% 		of the prize pool collected
   3rd place : 1 000 GC          + 5%    	of the prize pool collected
   4th place : 1 000 GC          + 5%  		of the prize pool collected
   5th place :   600 GC
   6th place :   600 GC
   7th place :   600 GC
   8th place :   600 GC
 The money will be distributed via PayPal and the fee that PayPal takes.


The tournament is organized using the T.O.U.R discord bot, which is a special bot created for the HoN game.
We took some actions and made it simple as it can be.
You need to join the discord server, get verified and after that, you will get the Heroes of Newerth role, which will guarantee that your discord nickname is the same as your in-game nickname.

[IMPORTANT]BUY IN type of tournament
In order to participate, you will need to buy in your spot in this type of tournament. 
Buy in the prize is 3 $ per player. 
1)You need to buy in via PayPal using this link:
2)After command !register set your email, using the bot with command !set_email ( use the same email that you use for PayPal)
3)Once you send the money, notify Rockstedi and he will verify you, by checking the email that you used with bot and PayPal.

1vs1 FoC
128 players Single Elimination
Qualifications             (BO1) (Saturday)      27.March     2021 at 16:00 UTC/GMT  TBD       (depends on how many players sign up)            
1st Semi final             (BO3) (Sunday)        28.March     2021 at 17:00 UTC/GMT  (streamed)
2nd Semi final             (BO3) (Sunday)        28.March     2021 at 18:30 UTC/GMT  (streamed)
Finals                     (BO5) (Sunday)         28.March     2021 at 18:30 UTC/GMT (streamed)

Match time for finals can vary based on time needed to finish for semi-finals.


'1) Map  > FoC
2) Game Mode  > Solo Same Heroes
3) Game Options  > Tournament Rules
4) Items  > All Items are Allowed
5) No Power-ups
6) Servers
    - EU vs EU: EU server
    -(BO1)  EU vs USE: tour admin will use a bot to generate a random number, 1 is for EU 2 is USE. 1= EU server 2= USE server
    -(BO3)EU vs USE: First Game (EU), Second Game (USE), Third Game (Random)
    -(BO5)EU vs USE: First Game (EU), Second Game (USE), Third Game (EU), Fourth game(USE), Fifth game (Random)
    - EU vs USW: USE server
    - EU vs AUS: USE server
    - US vs US: US server
    - US vs AUS: USE server
    - AUS vs AUS: AUS server
    - LAT based teams: register as USW
    - CIS based teams: register as EU
7)Single elimination
8)Remakes & Disconnects
 Before any action on remaking a game, captains or someone from the team need to speak with the tour admin.
 If the game crashes or has been remade after the picking phase, an admin will create a new lobby with AP.
 If the game crashes in the picking phase, an admin will create a new lobby and the game will go from the beginning.
9)All players must be part of discord server
10)Lobby time
 All lobbies will expire +10 minutes after the start time from the schedule above and will cause a Team Elimination
11)About registration
12)Tour admin will use !roll 1-2 command on the discord server, 1=EU 2= USE
13)1Buy in your spot, 3$ per player, using PayPal via this link:
14)Set email using T.O.U.R bot !set_email (needs to be the same email as you use for the PayPal)
15)No money back policy( if you for some reason can''t play and you already paid your spot) '