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We are team of talented programmers, designers
and experienced Heroes of Newerth players.

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Few Words About Us

HoNest is an organization gathered around people who played and lived their life alongside with HoN, created to make Heroes of Newerth great again! We will organize tournaments only for Heroes of Newerth, so do not hesitate to click that follow button and enjoy the show..

Trustworthy people

We are reliable and responsible people.
We are consistent in what we do and say.

Our events

Our events are organized at a high level.
The rules are clearly defined and we strictly follow them.

Look to the future

We invite everyone who has an idea to help and improve the work of the organization in any way.
We care about the future and for every next event we look to improve things.


Facts about our eSport organization


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Hard Workers

Call To Action

Do you have a suggestion? Do you want to share it with us or do you just want to support our work by following each of our events? Join the Discord community and you will have direct contact with our team!