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HoNest is an organization gathered around people who played and lived their life alongside with HoN, created to make Heroes of Newerth great again! We will organize tournaments only for Heroes of Newerth, so do not hesitate to click that follow button and enjoy the show..

Mid Wars


Glorious dawn over the Islands of Heroes of Newerth, but we need to add some spice to our daily lives - a TOURNAMENT! No Thunderdome here, we're nice ;)
It was a blast and a successful MidWars tournament, but alas, it's behind us now. Out of 27 teams that applied - 22 came trough with the check ins. Average 6 bros/gals per team - 130 players in total!

Everything was nice and hippy-like in the beginning, BUT! Second round got us up to speed, powerhouse team "Miki Lona" got expelled from the competition (soft sobbing).

Famous/recognizable helpers of the Honest tournament and the rest of the "FreeCticket711" team managed to boldly go where no man has gone before. They showed their amazing skills in a very uncertain match on the USE server against
"Miki Lona" and secured their place in the quarter-final battle for the throne (soft cushion included).

There were no big surprises in the second part of the bracket, famous "DONKEKONG" team routinely got their wins until the semifinals where they were met by nasty "TMG" boys. After the 3 skirmishes "TMG" won and advanced to the finals.
Meanwhile, "FreeCticket711" failed to beat the experienced "Take that" team (formerly known as "Anti Lona"), they capsized and showed their soft underbelly after losing 2-1 in 3 games. "Take that" chanted "mine, mine, mine, mine","FreeCticked711" rolled 1 for the initiative and that's the tale of a chance for the finals that was fiddled away. AMENO DORIME! (soft sobbing again)
On to day 3 - Magical Relationsh... MidWars. Everything started with a... not a kiss, but a clash between "FreeCticket711" and "DONKEKONG" teams. "FreeCticket711" were already cream-crackered and in the working dead mood, they fell
heroically under the barrels of "DONKEKONG" and took the 4th place. "DONKEKONG" got 3rd place and a 2nd position on the world rank list (no princesses or ogres involved).

It's the final countdown
The final countdown (screaming and singing that Europe song)
BO5 bby.
Great expectations from both sides, banning/picking process began but retrograde Mercury had to claim it's victim. "Take that" lost it's inspiration, their muse went out on a smoke break. But "TMG"... those ppl had a plan, they wanted
that soft throne cushion all for themselves, picked the heroes that they play best and managed to get first place on world ranking list in just 3 matches.
'Till next tournament - "TMG" is on the throne with 11 wins/2 losses. Tailing behind them are "DONKEKONG" and "Take that" (lower percentage of wins) with 7 points both. Since "Miki Lona" was Fed-Ex'd in the 2nd round of qualifications,
that puts them in the best placement in the world - 4th place with 6 points.

TMG - What is the catch, do they know the riddle of steel or are they in Cohen the Barbarian mood swing (The best things in life are "hot water, good dentishtry and shoft lavatory paper") now? We'll see that on the next tournament,
GG for all!

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New patch

Version 4.9.1 - 2 February 2021

New Loading Screens have been rotated into the game!
- The new loading screen art will represent and celebrate the Lunar New Year!
* This means that the fan art backgrounds (from Patch 4.9.0) will be rotated out of the game. We apologize for the inconvenience.
* We are delighted to have those art pieces in our game, but we regret to inform that a substantial portion of the player base are unhappy with the art.
It is unlikely they will return to the game - if they do return, it will be on a background art rotation basis.
New Behemoth Avatar: Exo Behe
- Get ready to electrify your competition with this new Behemoth avatar!
Empath and Rhapsody:
- Base avatars and icons have been reverted to their base versions.
- The HoN China (CN) models and avatars are now available for free in the store!
= User Interface =
- Region selection checkboxes are now visible in the "Play Now" screen (for the "new UI"), without having to press the "Regions" button.
* This change should improve visibility on what regions a user is queuing for before actually queuing up for a game.
- Region selection for all players will be reset when the patch occurs.
* By default, no regions will be selected (as opposed to having all of them selected).
+ This change will force players to select the regions they prefer, and should drastically alleviate issues with players playing on servers where they have high ping.
- If you decline to do an update, you will no longer be able to log in.
* This fixes an issue where players may be unable to join a game or crash in the middle of the game if they chose not to update the game prior to playing.
- The server name (e.g. "EU100") is now displayed on the Match Stats screen.
- Removed the Facebook Stream button from the old UI (deprecated feature).
- Fixed the Compatize button in the old UI so that it is only enabled when a replay is selected from the list.
- Fixed the "Gift" button in the HoN Store so that it transitions to the correct UI window.
* This prevents misleading information in the future (if we enable Gifting again) where you can gift a product to another user by using Silver Coins (which you cannot do).

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Winter festival

Forests of Caldavar

Tournament was organized using Discord bot T.O.U.R(Tournament orgaznier using Robot (: )
Tournament last for 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 29th - 31st January.
It was a part of Winter Festival tournaments, special event during New Year and Christmas holidays.
9 of 12 teams were checked in and they were fighting for the first four places, which could bring them some of the cool prizes.
WFT was also community founded tournament, so every donation was given away to the 1st place.
It all started with 1st round( qualification round), where teams "JuanGabo" and "Kongor & The Antlorettes" opened tournament with historical crash of youtube , comedy team JuanGabo and young team of Kongor & The Antlorettes
After the quarter-finals and semi-finals, with big names like Asaf8, Znooki, Shorkan, What_you_got, Dutchownage and slaskedyret showed their skills we were in the Finals.
Clash between TITANS, teams "vikings and asaf" and "FREESOUL" Final match was BO5, and we had amazing 5 GAMES! You wont believe, how excitement and full of energy were this boys!
Even our casters GODISNOTDEAD and Kragiko were amazed by the games and players!
We wont spoil you this, it is the best if you go ahead and check it by tour own.
You can check video of the 5th and final match to see who won:
FINALS 5th match

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